Support for Love Your Tent

Our loyal supporters and followers say…..

Mark Owen, Take That

“Hi everyone, I’m Mark Owen – and I want to say…..Love Your Tent!”  

Tim Booth, James

“So no matter what state you in at the end of this festival, don’t forget your tent – Love Your Tent.”  

Noel Gallagher

“Take your tents home, you untidy, scruffy ****!!.”  


“Please put your tents down when you’ve finished – Take them home”  

Liam, Courteeners

“Hi everyone, I’m Liam from the Courteeners – take your tents home – don’t be lazy!”  


“How’s it going, we’re Kodaline – don’t leave your tent behind – just bring it home.!”  

The Vaccines

“We’re the Vaccines – Please take your tent home.”  

The Sugarbabes

“Hi, we’re the Sugarbabes – Love Your Tent.”  

Sam Ryder

“Take your tent home and pitch it again and again and again and again and again, you get the idea!.”  


“Hi, we’re Germain. Do you guys know that 85% of waste at festivals comes from Leaving your tent behind? Well, this year, make sure you don’t be a silly koala and take all the rubbish home, including a tent, and have a great time.”

The Blossoms

“Hi guys, this is The Blossoms. Pick up your f***ing tent!.”

Baz, The Fratellis

“Hey, I’m Baz from the Fratellis – it’s just to remind you to Love Your Tent and take it home”

John Giddings, Isle of Wight Festival Promoter

“Supporting the Love Your Tent campaign has allowed us to offer a real alternative for campers who are fed up wading through waste to get to and from their tents each day. We know there is a real market for a sustainable camping experience and we want to be at the forefront of that change.”

Rebecca Clarke, Love Your Tent supporter and camper

“How do we book for next year? Can’t imagine ever coming to the Isle of wight Festival without you guys. You should be very proud of what you have achieved. Your hospitality and facilities were amazing.”


“Love Your Tent and take it with you when you leave the festival, because you can’t recycle, it goes to landfill.”

The Lottery Winners

“Hey, we’re the Lottery Winners at the Isle of Wight Festival telling you to Love Your Tent!”